Learning to Perform What You Composed


Composing music is only half the battle for a music producer or singer-songwriter. The other half of the equation is being able to perform that composition at the level you imagined. This can be difficult because the skills required for composition and performance are so dissimilar. Investing time in learning how to perform your own compositions, on the other hand, is critical to overcoming cognitive dissonance and allowing your music to reach its full potential.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to become proficient at performing your own work is through deliberate practice. Set aside time each day to actively practice singing or playing your composition, starting at a slow tempo and gradually increasing speed and complexity as you become more comfortable. Focus on any areas you struggle with and be patient through mistakes. With regular practice, your muscle memory will develop and performances will become second nature.

Get Input From Others

Another helpful strategy is to get feedback from other musicians or vocalists. Ask them to listen to your composition and provide constructive criticism on how you can improve your performance. They may notice small details you can't perceive yourself due to being so close to the creative process. Be open to their suggestions and incorporate the most useful ones into your practice routine.

Build Confidence

Performance anxiety is common, especially when presenting your own work. The key is to start small by sharing your music with close friends or family and slowly expand your audience as your confidence grows. Remember, they want to see you succeed! With each performance, visualize yourself succeeding to help reframe anxiety into excitement. Your skills and comfort on stage will increase over time.


While composing music can seem to come more naturally to some, performing that same music is a skill in itself that takes patience and practice to develop. By dedicating time to actively practicing, seeking input from others, and gradually building your confidence through live performances, music producers and singer-songwriters can overcome the dissonance between what they imagine and what they can execute. With passion and perseverance, you absolutely can perform at the level of your creations.